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MTRGROUP consists of a business model articulated in various groups specialized in the different labor areas of the construction process.

The MTRGroup consists of a business model articulated in several groups specialized in the different labor areas of the construction process: MTR2 (Arquitetura, Engenharia e Design), Radiant (Architecture, Engineering and Design), Coherent (Engineering and Construction Center) and Vectis (Civil Construction).
The segmented model allows the creation of highly professional teams in each specific area, allowing the accumulation of technical skills that has led us to a global success that we are very proud of.
We faced each project with a unique and original look, basing our actions on the creativity and the particularities of each place, in association with the wishes of the client.
Our commitment to each project, whether small or large, assumes equal importance and responsibility, in terms of cost control and built quality.


We understand that the role of construction in contemporary society should function as a trigger for the evolution of spaces, whether public or private areas.

We are particularly interested in residential projects, of which we have accumulated vast experience.
We look at the building process as a story that we build with our clients. Everything begins with the process of Creation where dreams and wishes come together in a project of architecture. Here, creativity and innovation are indispensable elements for achieving technical excellence.
The second chapter opens the Licensing. At this stage, the client establishes direct contact with a custom Licensing Manager, who will be responsible for all the monitoring of the chamber process until avenging on the final approval.
In the construction we supported our work with a technical team that has been consolidating professional skills for other specialty projects, with results of high success.
The Design process provides a set of solutions for the best use of the space, giving the client the ability to visualize in detail the future construction.The outcome of the story is written by our technicians with the survey of all legally required licenses and certifications.


MTRGROUP reinforces its activity in the construction market with a sense of added responsibility, establishing with the client a close relationship throughout the entire process, with the intention of making known the particularities of the work, facilitating the future appropriation of space.

We look for individual solutions with a high awareness of responsibility and with all the rigor and determination in the realization of the best solution for the project.
Our values are based on seriousness, professional ethics, and technical competence.
We are a reliable partner in the realization of solutions adapted to the current and future needs of our clients.
We do not just build houses, we build stories.

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